Giving Back

Proceeds from the Granite City Run go back to our community that we love.  This year, we are very happy to announce that a portion of the proceeds from this year’s run will again go to Marquette County HCHY (Healthy Community Healthy Youth).
Marquette County Healthy Communities Healthy Youth (HCHY) is an amazing coalition that since 2003 has been making a difference in our Marquette County community.  HCHY’s mission is to reduce and prevent substance abuse and violence in Marquette County through positive cultural change.  The results have been visible and real.  However, the grants that provided funding for these very needed efforts are coming to an end and HCHY could use all possible assistance to continue this meaningful work.  Montello Rotary and the Granite City Run are proud to be part of the effort to do that very thing.  Check out the HCHY website to see all of the things this active coalition does to benefit our community and what the results have been.